Another round of technology update for my blog

Another round of technology update for my blog
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I am not a perfectionist and never was. But lately I am sensing the behavior of perfectionism coming in to my work and tastes. Especially in the matter of managing my blog. Firstly, I am not satisfied with how my blog(s) used to look, herehere and then here. It is not that I didn’t like wordpress or Joomla to host my blog, they are good overall. The problem is simply I didn’t like how they looked after some time  I created it. It could be a template issue, technology issue (in case of Joomla) or a matter of change in my taste. However, the problem lies in trying to make it a world class site. “Who Cares!!!”. I am not a serious blogger and I don’t generate money on it, so why I care that much about my blog. I guess it is a matter of satisfaction.

Anyway, today once again I am back to the drawing board and picked up another free template and installed it. But this time I decided not to port all my old posts to this new site. I am starting a new journey and hope my blogging continue with no more template hiccups!

Also I changed my blog name, to R&D Blog!! You can take in whichever way you want, Research and Development Blog 🙂 or Ramesh Dadigala Blog. I believe life is a lab and we are here to experiment. One day you find useful outcome in the lab and another day none. But you still have to experiment. That’s what I think.


Ramesh D


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