Blogs are Thoughts and Digital Expressions

Blogs are Thoughts and Digital Expressions
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There are many communication channels and we, human beings, are fortunate to use many of them depending on our needs and situations. However expressions are basic and every part of this universe has the capability to show some form of expression in one way or other. Even a rock lying on the ground has an impression to show its expression of what it is going through. Some expressions are willful and others are natural and expected. We, human beings, learned through human evolution, to control and use our expressions for better or worse. Expressions are powerful !!!. People often mistake the word “Expressions” to “Emotions”. Emotions bring different expressions out of us.

Blogs gave us a new way to express ourselves through the digital world. Bloggers have different reasons to blog. Some are motivated to impress their fans,  and some are required to write blogs to connect with their customers. Whatever the reason it may be, now a days blogging has become new norm to connect with people across the world.

Why would Bollywood senior actor Amitabh Bachchan writes his blog? He knows his fans wants to hear his voice about other things, that he is interested in. His views are cared and respected and connects with people in general.

Why would CEO Jeff Bezos writes his blog? His motivation to write his blog, is to show the world that he is not just a CEO of the company , but have many more things to share with his followers and shareholders. He communicate his ideas and interests through his blog which gives him a way to express his passion and other interests.

Why would Chuck Hollis, VP- Global Marketing CTO, EMC Corporation writes his blog? Chuck’s blog gives , “An EMC insider’s perspective on information, technology and customer challenges…”( as written on his blog).  Here the blogging has a definitive approach, to provide value added analysis about EMC products and other related happenings to its customers in the context of other hi-tech industry happenings.

So, what is the common theme across all these blogs and other thousands of blogs running on the internet?

It is a form of self expression. The word “self” may represent a person or a company. It is an art of thought provocation among like wise thinkers. It is a medium to motivate people to achieve some thing worthful or educate people by sharing blogger’s expertise in a chosen field. Whatever the reason it may be blogging is an efficient way to share knowledge in a social education context and provides a chance for open communication.Whether it is a professional blog, personal blog, company blog, art blog or scientist blog, readers expect a clear, concise and open form of self expression from the blogger.

I do read and follow some excellent blogs and observe how they write those wonderful posts almost everyday. I am trying to express my ideas , experiences (life, technical and professional) here in my blog and hope someday I become a serious blogger !!

More to come ,


Ramesh Dadigala

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