Bye Bye, 2014

Bye Bye, 2014
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flightEvery day there are thousands of flights carrying passengers around the globe taking off and landing safely. That means we have developed a highly sophisticated, reliable and excellent mechanism to travel by air. This great achievement by our man kind is not achieved in a year or two nor without any failures. We know every great achievement has shortcomings in the development stages and even after that. Aviation industry is considered one of the safest industries in the world today. However year 2014 was not good for few flights. Striving for a full six sigma didn’t help much on improving the safety in the airline industry. Safety and functionality of any instrument can be tested in a predictable environment and most of the times in repeatable type of situations. Achieving a safety of 99.99966% defect-free rate is an amazing achievement in the aviation industry. However when we hear flights carrying hundreds of people disappear from the sky with no clue on where they fell on the earth is scary enough to think about the uncertainty in the air.

Leaving the year 2014 with these incidents makes me think that we are still infants in the eyes of the Mother nature.  We have technology, bright minds and great companies building and running these flights. But still we don’t have any control on what will happen up in the air and cannot compete with the forces of the nature. Hopefully in the near future we will have some backup plans for these kinds of situations or some helpful weather predictions in the sky when a flight takes off from the runway.

I hope to see artificial intelligence takes full control of the safety of all the flights in the future. This AI should be able to make decisions much before a disaster strike the airplane.

Every single life on this mother earth has a purpose and losing those precious souls for no good reason is not what mother nature wants. We see a lot of hate and killing around us now a days.  It is confusing sometimes to understand if we are progressing forward or backward on this earth!!!

nature-mother-natureWe all need to think positively and be optimistic about the future, knowing that every turn in our life has pleasant and unpleasant surprises waiting for us. Hope year 2015 brings more peace and happiness in this complex world!!!  and mother nature is the best judge of all. She knows exactly how to take care our mankind…


Bye Bye, 2014.

Welcome to 2015.







— RD

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