Bye Bye, 2014

flightEvery day there are thousands of flights carrying passengers around the globe taking off and landing safely. That means we have developed a highly sophisticated, reliable and excellent mechanism to travel by air. This great achievement by our man kind is not achieved in a year or two nor without any failures. We know every great achievement has shortcomings in the development stages and even after that. Aviation industry is considered one of the safest industries in the world today. However year 2014 was not good for few flights. Striving for a full six sigma didn’t help much on improving the safety in the airline industry. Safety and functionality of any instrument can be tested in a predictable environment and most of the times in repeatable type of situations. Achieving a safety of 99.99966% defect-free rate is an amazing achievement in the aviation industry. However when we hear flights carrying hundreds of people disappear from the sky with no clue on where they fell on the earth is scary enough to think about the uncertainty in the air.

Leaving the year 2014 with these incidents makes me think that we are still infants in the eyes of the Mother nature.  We have technology, bright minds and great companies building and running these flights. But still we don’t have any control on what will happen up in the air and cannot compete with the forces of the nature. Hopefully in the near future we will have some backup plans for these kinds of situations or some helpful weather predictions in the sky when a flight takes off from the runway.

I hope to see artificial intelligence takes full control of the safety of all the flights in the future. This AI should be able to make decisions much before a disaster strike the airplane.

Every single life on this mother earth has a purpose and losing those precious souls for no good reason is not what mother nature wants. We see a lot of hate and killing around us now a days.  It is confusing sometimes to understand if we are progressing forward or backward on this earth!!!

nature-mother-natureWe all need to think positively and be optimistic about the future, knowing that every turn in our life has pleasant and unpleasant surprises waiting for us. Hope year 2015 brings more peace and happiness in this complex world!!!  and mother nature is the best judge of all. She knows exactly how to take care our mankind…


Bye Bye, 2014.

Welcome to 2015.







— RD

That is a long pause in blogging!!!

Just realized, how long ago I wrote my last blog post on this blog. 1 YEAR ?. That is too long… of course , “off course”!

Some times planning doesn’t work as we expect. And no planning is not good either. Looks like I need some motivation to work on my posts…. Let me see…..

Year 2014 is coming to an end and we are almost there to enter the new year, 2015.

I need to re-negotiate with my time, “again” to put a continuous, conscious flow of my thoughts in my posts in 2015.



Have you ever tried to unpack your change history?

Change, It is natural

Change, It is natural- RDBlogz

Our human race is constantly evolving, and our lifetime is a minute part of that. We build our experiences based on our previous experiences. Good experience or bad experience, they equally bring some value to our existence. We gain every experience by a change, within us and outside of our control. Overtime, changes in our body physically bring value to our emotions. Some people express these emotions pleasantly and some not. Overall, it is important to know why, how and where these changes happened and how we dealt with it. That is why people write books, and we read them to learn how to cope with changes based on what others around us felt and dealt with those changes.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

Barack Obama

If all changes have the potential to bring good to all of us, can we live happily for ever? No, I guess not. We will not be able to bear that much happiness in this world! (Really!). The change happens no matter what the result is. It is a natural way of evolution to bring good in this world.

Change is inevitable and without change, we cannot survive in this world. Without a change, we will not grow. Change brings inventions, and we move towards a higher goal. Change brings new things into our life. Regardless of who we are and where we live, not all are immune to change. Resisting a natural change is a futile act. We are part of the change. However, we can influence a change to some degree in some places. We can influence our family to join a regular exercise program, that will in turn make our aging process a little of pain free. The change of aging is a never-ending process and we can mitigate. It is the same with any other change.

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There are many types of transitions in our life. Every change start with an end of another change and the new change will have an end. It is an endless change process.  Transition is part of the life, and every change has a beginning and an end; we just have to understand the impact and adapt to the changes and fight for the natural progression of life.

Nothing in the world is permanent, and we’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we’re still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it. If change is of the essence of existence one would have thought it only sensible to make it the premise of our philosophy.
W. Somerset Maugham (1874 – 1965), The Razor’s Edge, 1943

It is good to know sometimes that not all changes happened in our life are painful. Reflecting honestly on our past and recognizing those changes that shaped our future is useful to face changes in the future and live strongly to face the unexpected changes.



Welcome New Year, 2013, I hope you bring goodies for all of us…


Filling my brain with thoughts of some thing new is always motivating,
New Year is one such moment gives a chance to see great things happening

Yesterday was a good day , today is a great day and tomorrow will be an amazing day,
All days brings something new in to our lives without failure, except some we don’t like

Accept the truth that all past years were new years before they started,
And this year is also going to be an old year once it hits the 12 month mark

Wishing happy new year to someone is like a ritual of sharing happiness,
Sometimes I wonder do we really care whether someone will be happy or not in the new year

Being Happy is a state of mind, some say without considering physical pains,
I think we are all happy regardless of state of mind when we feel happy

Finding happiness is every one’s goal, and people have chosen many paths to get what they want,
It is not that tough to be happy, better not hurt somebody to make yourself feel happy

Hope we all say Wish you Happy New Year, to each other, friends and foes equally,
Nothing matters at the end of the day, people remember good people who helped with a smile

Best Regards,
Ramesh Dadigala

Good Bye 2012 !!

We all love New Year and feel like we are getting another chance to do things better than last year. Yes , we are optimistic and we hope for the best to happen, again. 2012 was  a good year overall but all those great achievements were overshadowed by brutal and senseless killings at Sandy Hook elementary school, effects of killer storm Sandy and gruesome, shameful gang-rape incident in India. Bad incidents does happen every year but when we feel we could stop those, we as a society feel and carry guilt in our hearts in to a New Year, hoping some how we can move on and take measures to stop these incidents to happen again.bye-2012

For victims and their families lives have changed forever. They will lead a painful life with those unforgettable memories of their loved ones.

I sincerely pray to God to give courage and ray of hope for those victims and their families and wish them a bright and peaceful new year 2013 and may our society take actions to stop these crimes against kids and innocent people.


This is my last post in 2012 and wish to say goodbye to 2012 with a sigh of relief that “Our world didn’t end, after all” as predicted. YaY!!!!

That’s a good reason to welcome the New Year, isn’t it.

Bye Bye, 2012…..


Here you go, we have OBAMA 2.0 !!!

Yes, the trend continues. The citizens of USA selected incumbent president Mr. Barack Obama as their leader for another term. Congratulations President!!
Since the time of President Bill Clinton, the trend to believe in the working president to continue his second term continues. Mr. Mitt Romney had a very good chance to win (at least there was a hope!), but at the end winning an election does not depend  on how a candidate campaigns, it is what the people’s sentiment is!. I thought people will give a chance to Mr. Romney. But I am wrong. People just follow the trend and don’t want any “MORE” instability for USA. One way it is good and absolutely that is what is needed to be a leader in the world, for USA. The world is looking at America and hoping that somehow USA comes back to its original super power status.


In democracy people chose their leader , not the leader choose to lead. And the beauty of it is those who didn’t choose their  leader will still work with their new leader, thinking that the majority of their fellow citizens took a wise decision. However, time will decide that part and leaders can only  influence the policies not the past.

I wrote a post when President Obama won the 2008 elections and sworn in Jan,2009  and I didn’t know that he will win a second term with such a fanfare. People not just in USA but around world are looking at him as a leader who will lead US in to the level of achievement in all areas, economy, jobs, stability around the world and so and so forth.

I truly believe in the democracy and had a good feeling about that process in USA so far. However, I see a pattern of high voter turnout in these 2012 elections and clearly see a sense of interest in the participation. I used to hear through all news channels in last 10 to 15 years that govt is urging its people to go and vote. I was wonderingClick here to read full victory speech why people are not interested to go and vote. But now we can see how this is changing. Hope this is changing for good and people are realizing their vote power and coming together to get “their LEADER” elected.

All democratic countries should learn lessons from India, world’s largest democratic country. The lessons can be as simple as issuing a voter card for their citizens to stop the voter fraud and biggest one can be how future campaigns don’t misuse the media.

I wish our President Mr. Barack Obama a great success in his continuing role as leader of USA and its future!


Another round of technology update for my blog

I am not a perfectionist and never was. But lately I am sensing the behavior of perfectionism coming in to my work and tastes. Especially in the matter of managing my blog. Firstly, I am not satisfied with how my blog(s) used to look, herehere and then here. It is not that I didn’t like wordpress or Joomla to host my blog, they are good overall. The problem is simply I didn’t like how they looked after some time  I created it. It could be a template issue, technology issue (in case of Joomla) or a matter of change in my taste. However, the problem lies in trying to make it a world class site. “Who Cares!!!”. I am not a serious blogger and I don’t generate money on it, so why I care that much about my blog. I guess it is a matter of satisfaction.

Anyway, today once again I am back to the drawing board and picked up another free template and installed it. But this time I decided not to port all my old posts to this new site. I am starting a new journey and hope my blogging continue with no more template hiccups!

Also I changed my blog name, to R&D Blog!! You can take in whichever way you want, Research and Development Blog 🙂 or Ramesh Dadigala Blog. I believe life is a lab and we are here to experiment. One day you find useful outcome in the lab and another day none. But you still have to experiment. That’s what I think.


Ramesh D


Blogs are Thoughts and Digital Expressions

There are many communication channels and we, human beings, are fortunate to use many of them depending on our needs and situations. However expressions are basic and every part of this universe has the capability to show some form of expression in one way or other. Even a rock lying on the ground has an impression to show its expression of what it is going through. Some expressions are willful and others are natural and expected. We, human beings, learned through human evolution, to control and use our expressions for better or worse. Expressions are powerful !!!. People often mistake the word “Expressions” to “Emotions”. Emotions bring different expressions out of us.

Blogs gave us a new way to express ourselves through the digital world. Bloggers have different reasons to blog. Some are motivated to impress their fans,  and some are required to write blogs to connect with their customers. Whatever the reason it may be, now a days blogging has become new norm to connect with people across the world.

Why would Bollywood senior actor Amitabh Bachchan writes his blog? He knows his fans wants to hear his voice about other things, that he is interested in. His views are cared and respected and connects with people in general.

Why would CEO Jeff Bezos writes his blog? His motivation to write his blog, is to show the world that he is not just a CEO of the company , but have many more things to share with his followers and shareholders. He communicate his ideas and interests through his blog which gives him a way to express his passion and other interests.

Why would Chuck Hollis, VP- Global Marketing CTO, EMC Corporation writes his blog? Chuck’s blog gives , “An EMC insider’s perspective on information, technology and customer challenges…”( as written on his blog).  Here the blogging has a definitive approach, to provide value added analysis about EMC products and other related happenings to its customers in the context of other hi-tech industry happenings.

So, what is the common theme across all these blogs and other thousands of blogs running on the internet?

It is a form of self expression. The word “self” may represent a person or a company. It is an art of thought provocation among like wise thinkers. It is a medium to motivate people to achieve some thing worthful or educate people by sharing blogger’s expertise in a chosen field. Whatever the reason it may be blogging is an efficient way to share knowledge in a social education context and provides a chance for open communication.Whether it is a professional blog, personal blog, company blog, art blog or scientist blog, readers expect a clear, concise and open form of self expression from the blogger.

I do read and follow some excellent blogs and observe how they write those wonderful posts almost everyday. I am trying to express my ideas , experiences (life, technical and professional) here in my blog and hope someday I become a serious blogger !!

More to come ,


Ramesh Dadigala