The Cloud Paradigm — Renting Vs Owning

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It is a dream of middle class people in USA to own a house by investing their hard-earned money so that they can get shelter and value for their money by the time they retire to relax (hopefully !!). The point here is how much it is true that all home owners are thinking the same thing (except those who already paid off their bank loan or bought it by paying cash). Are they happy? If they were given a second chance would they buy a house or rent an apartment?


It is the same dilemma with IT infrastructure for a company. All companies want to have their own IT department and own infrastructure. They spend money to build, manage and hire professionals to take care of them 24/7.  I know that is obvious for many companies. But what if your company has a problem dealing with your enterprise content management. For some companies it would be more appealing to spend money on product development instead of spending on IT infrastructure and management. There you go.. That means they need to rent instead of owning IT.

I know it is simple to say that right? Let’s stop there for a minute and list all the questions one will ask when looking for an apartment/office to rent.

  1. Why should I go and live in an apartment? (either you have a house that is on short sale list or you don’t own a home)
  2. Which city I am going to live? (Most probably either closer to your office or if you have kids you choose a city where schools are rated high).
  3. How many bedrooms and bathrooms I need? (figure it out, if you are married you will have kids.. plan , plan..)
  4. Do I need a special parking lot? (Unless you have a serious problem with parking in randomly available parking lot… better prepare to pay more )
  5. Do I have to sign a lease? (yes of course, but you may get some options..)
  6. Do I need a furnished home, so that I can just come in start living my life and do my work? (By the way, that includes internet , just to make your life easy!)
  7. How much it cost per month? (Well I think it should be listed as a first item, but thought that would drive your other options, so kept it in the last so that you decide how much money you can afford to spend on home rent)
  8. What about the community? Is it Safe and secure? How the building is protected? (Good questions, you should ask)

Well, that is not too bad isn’t it? I think this is a typical list of questions any body would ask who rent an apartment, independent home or for that matter an office space. This list applies to all scenarios, who wants to rent.

This week EMC announced EMC onDemand , a managed service to run enterprise content management system. I am more than thrilled to hear the news and thought things are looking good for Documentum platform. Working with Documentum platform for almost 11 years, I know first hand how difficult it is to enable the content management system as a service to users internal or external. It has been a challenge for IT to come up with a platform to provide ECM as a service. This new managed service from EMC now change the whole game in the market. So far we have seen some cloud based public CMS offerings (Google docs,, Sharepoint). However, they could not offer enterprise scale solutions, which could deal with millions of documents, approvals, workflows and archiving processes with much-needed data and network security.

If we take a step back and review those eight items I listed out for the apartment rental planning and replace them with ECM requirements, we see how simple it is to derive the value proposition to move to a cloud based , Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) for ECM for a big company.

Now, you can ask why? and say I can have my own IT in my own shop? Ok…let me tell you few things before you decide on the best thing for your ECM deployment…
What if you get the following benefits without the hassle of owning your equipment and still achieve your business goals to manage ever-growing content under the hood..

1. Require zero Installation of EMC technology (Documentum, RSA, VMware and so on so forth)
2. Provide highest level of security
3. Ensure that everything was pre-installed and optimally configured for instant startup
4. Integrate with existing filing and collaboration products
5. freedom of use

Does it sound like a list of questions you asked before your rent a home/apt. I bet they did!!!

The cloud. Do you know what it is? More importantly, do you know how you can profit from it? Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore is here to explain both.



Here you go, we have OBAMA 2.0 !!!

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Yes, the trend continues. The citizens of USA selected incumbent president Mr. Barack Obama as their leader for another term. Congratulations President!!
Since the time of President Bill Clinton, the trend to believe in the working president to continue his second term continues. Mr. Mitt Romney had a very good chance to win (at least there was a hope!), but at the end winning an election does not depend  on how a candidate campaigns, it is what the people’s sentiment is!. I thought people will give a chance to Mr. Romney. But I am wrong. People just follow the trend and don’t want any “MORE” instability for USA. One way it is good and absolutely that is what is needed to be a leader in the world, for USA. The world is looking at America and hoping that somehow USA comes back to its original super power status.


In democracy people chose their leader , not the leader choose to lead. And the beauty of it is those who didn’t choose their  leader will still work with their new leader, thinking that the majority of their fellow citizens took a wise decision. However, time will decide that part and leaders can only  influence the policies not the past.

I wrote a post when President Obama won the 2008 elections and sworn in Jan,2009  and I didn’t know that he will win a second term with such a fanfare. People not just in USA but around world are looking at him as a leader who will lead US in to the level of achievement in all areas, economy, jobs, stability around the world and so and so forth.

I truly believe in the democracy and had a good feeling about that process in USA so far. However, I see a pattern of high voter turnout in these 2012 elections and clearly see a sense of interest in the participation. I used to hear through all news channels in last 10 to 15 years that govt is urging its people to go and vote. I was wonderingClick here to read full victory speech why people are not interested to go and vote. But now we can see how this is changing. Hope this is changing for good and people are realizing their vote power and coming together to get “their LEADER” elected.

All democratic countries should learn lessons from India, world’s largest democratic country. The lessons can be as simple as issuing a voter card for their citizens to stop the voter fraud and biggest one can be how future campaigns don’t misuse the media.

I wish our President Mr. Barack Obama a great success in his continuing role as leader of USA and its future!


Another round of technology update for my blog

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I am not a perfectionist and never was. But lately I am sensing the behavior of perfectionism coming in to my work and tastes. Especially in the matter of managing my blog. Firstly, I am not satisfied with how my blog(s) used to look, herehere and then here. It is not that I didn’t like wordpress or Joomla to host my blog, they are good overall. The problem is simply I didn’t like how they looked after some time  I created it. It could be a template issue, technology issue (in case of Joomla) or a matter of change in my taste. However, the problem lies in trying to make it a world class site. “Who Cares!!!”. I am not a serious blogger and I don’t generate money on it, so why I care that much about my blog. I guess it is a matter of satisfaction.

Anyway, today once again I am back to the drawing board and picked up another free template and installed it. But this time I decided not to port all my old posts to this new site. I am starting a new journey and hope my blogging continue with no more template hiccups!

Also I changed my blog name, to R&D Blog!! You can take in whichever way you want, Research and Development Blog 🙂 or Ramesh Dadigala Blog. I believe life is a lab and we are here to experiment. One day you find useful outcome in the lab and another day none. But you still have to experiment. That’s what I think.


Ramesh D


The Power of Association

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It is very important to know WHO YOU ARE and what is your worth in this society, within your age group and obviously in your family. Many people doesn’t really think about this aspect of their lives, until they hit a hard floor while dealing the human relations. Many of them think they are good in understanding what their worth is and what other people think about them.

As Mahatma Gandhi , The father of India, once said, “Don’t tell me who are you, just show me who your freinds are or whom you always associated with, I will tell you WHO YOU ARE“. That is the power of association. Whether it is the physical presence in a group or putting your brain in a pool of thoughts, which makes a lot of impact on how one behaves, work or plan for his future.

Blogs are Thoughts and Digital Expressions

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There are many communication channels and we, human beings, are fortunate to use many of them depending on our needs and situations. However expressions are basic and every part of this universe has the capability to show some form of expression in one way or other. Even a rock lying on the ground has an impression to show its expression of what it is going through. Some expressions are willful and others are natural and expected. We, human beings, learned through human evolution, to control and use our expressions for better or worse. Expressions are powerful !!!. People often mistake the word “Expressions” to “Emotions”. Emotions bring different expressions out of us.

Blogs gave us a new way to express ourselves through the digital world. Bloggers have different reasons to blog. Some are motivated to impress their fans,  and some are required to write blogs to connect with their customers. Whatever the reason it may be, now a days blogging has become new norm to connect with people across the world.

Why would Bollywood senior actor Amitabh Bachchan writes his blog? He knows his fans wants to hear his voice about other things, that he is interested in. His views are cared and respected and connects with people in general.

Why would CEO Jeff Bezos writes his blog? His motivation to write his blog, is to show the world that he is not just a CEO of the company , but have many more things to share with his followers and shareholders. He communicate his ideas and interests through his blog which gives him a way to express his passion and other interests.

Why would Chuck Hollis, VP- Global Marketing CTO, EMC Corporation writes his blog? Chuck’s blog gives , “An EMC insider’s perspective on information, technology and customer challenges…”( as written on his blog).  Here the blogging has a definitive approach, to provide value added analysis about EMC products and other related happenings to its customers in the context of other hi-tech industry happenings.

So, what is the common theme across all these blogs and other thousands of blogs running on the internet?

It is a form of self expression. The word “self” may represent a person or a company. It is an art of thought provocation among like wise thinkers. It is a medium to motivate people to achieve some thing worthful or educate people by sharing blogger’s expertise in a chosen field. Whatever the reason it may be blogging is an efficient way to share knowledge in a social education context and provides a chance for open communication.Whether it is a professional blog, personal blog, company blog, art blog or scientist blog, readers expect a clear, concise and open form of self expression from the blogger.

I do read and follow some excellent blogs and observe how they write those wonderful posts almost everyday. I am trying to express my ideas , experiences (life, technical and professional) here in my blog and hope someday I become a serious blogger !!

More to come ,


Ramesh Dadigala