The Power of Association

The Power of Association
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It is very important to know WHO YOU ARE and what is your worth in this society, within your age group and obviously in your family. Many people doesn’t really think about this aspect of their lives, until they hit a hard floor while dealing the human relations. Many of them think they are good in understanding what their worth is and what other people think about them.

As Mahatma Gandhi , The father of India, once said, “Don’t tell me who are you, just show me who your freinds are or whom you always associated with, I will tell you WHO YOU ARE“. That is the power of association. Whether it is the physical presence in a group or putting your brain in a pool of thoughts, which makes a lot of impact on how one behaves, work or plan for his future.

Just like living or associating yourself with a group of good and intellectual people, which may bring good things and successful events in one’s life, keeping one’s thought process, surrounded by motivated and interesting thoughts will give a great deal of power to reach new heights in one’s life.
If you take a moment and think why companies select only successful people  to build their company’s brand image and sell their products, you will appreciate why I am giving so importance to the value of association. It is the common human nature to remember something , associated with something else important or valuable. Otherwise there is no way human brain can recall the item, without being stored that thing with some association. To take advantage of this human nature, many companies tries to associate themselves with some high achievers and build the company’s brand image.

As you know when normal customer looks at the advertisement of such company, he is not really seeing the company directly, he will be seeing the company with the value associated with the person in the comapny’s advertisement.

Though it is a very simple trick in the Marketing world, it’s power is invaluable. And we all know, how advertisements change company’s fate in the market.

For example take what EMC is doing today. Our company is associating it self with a big wave called “Big Data”. The value of Big Data is tremendous and mind blowing, which has been underhyped so far. Now EMC is trying to take this notion of BIG DATA value in to next super level, to create a clear cut brand image in this world. EMC is the proud sponser of this game changing movement and we should all understand how we need to associate with this thought process and move towards what EMC executives are trying to build the trust in another “data evolution” period.



If a company can associate itself with a high achiever to sell its goods, why can’t we as a person, to sell our services in the market. So, to do that, try join in a club, where you get a chance to meet high achievers, successful people, smart people and overall best people. Also start a blog and share your thoughts. Internet is a powerful media and keyboard is powerful than a sword. Read biographies of successful people , who overcame their life’s toughest battles to become successful.

Think positive and be positive in each and every action you do.


Ramesh D.

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