Welcome New Year, 2013, I hope you bring goodies for all of us…

Welcome New Year, 2013, I hope you bring goodies for all of us…
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Filling my brain with thoughts of some thing new is always motivating,
New Year is one such moment gives a chance to see great things happening

Yesterday was a good day , today is a great day and tomorrow will be an amazing day,
All days brings something new in to our lives without failure, except some we don’t like

Accept the truth that all past years were new years before they started,
And this year is also going to be an old year once it hits the 12 month mark

Wishing happy new year to someone is like a ritual of sharing happiness,
Sometimes I wonder do we really care whether someone will be happy or not in the new year

Being Happy is a state of mind, some say without considering physical pains,
I think we are all happy regardless of state of mind when we feel happy

Finding happiness is every one’s goal, and people have chosen many paths to get what they want,
It is not that tough to be happy, better not hurt somebody to make yourself feel happy

Hope we all say Wish you Happy New Year, to each other, friends and foes equally,
Nothing matters at the end of the day, people remember good people who helped with a smile

Best Regards,
Ramesh Dadigala

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